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Public diplomacy of Israel

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Long live the little difference:
"Israel uses missiles to defend its children
Hamas uses children to defend its missiles"


First question
Why do you rob poor Palestinians of their land?


All lies / incitement / brainwashing / fake news.
The opposite is true in 180 degrees! Some facts:
There has never been a Palestinian state in Palestine!
There has never been a Palestinian state!
Jewish state in Judea - was.

For over 3,000 years the Jews have lived / dreamed of returning to live in Judea.
Proven theologically, historically and archaeologically.
How silly a person must be to claim that the Jews are occupying Judea?...
Who Conquered Who were the masses of empires that conquered, murdered and exiled the Jews time and time again throughout history.
Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Mamluks, Ottomans, British. Now the Arabs are trying.
The Persian Cyrus and the British Balfour returned them to their homeland.
Not in the world! one nation!! More worthy of his country!!!
Certainly not the "Palestinian people" who are neither a people nor a Palestinian...

A. The "poor Palestinians" are a mob of Arab immigrants
Who came to Palestine mainly with the encouragement of the British
At a time when the British prevented the arrival of Jews to burn in Europe

Whoever thinks the Arabs deserve a reward for the British calling them to come here
at the expense of the bodies of our grandfathers who were cremated in Europe -
he should check again what morality means...

Dr. Kedar says that if the British had not prevented Jews from coming to Israel - maybe there would have been no Holocaust!!
At first Hitler was willing to settle for the Jews leaving.

B. The so-called "Palestinian people" is, as mentioned, a mob of Arab immigrants
Who robbed us of this identity. The real Palestinians are the Jews
Palestine was officially granted to the Jews by the Balfour Declaration in 1917
The "Palestinians" have nothing to do with Palestine or the biblical Philistines people
Arafat has nothing to do with Emperor Hadrian
Who coined the name thousands of years before Arafat dreamed of being born
And when he was born it was not in Palestine but in Egypt
The scam is so pathetic that the "Palestinians" are unable to even pronounce "their name", which is of Greek origin.
They can say Ballestine or Filistin. Arafat is a proud Balestinian... very funny. Not so smart robbers...

C. Embarrassedly, The Palestine Liberation Organization was established before it was necessary to liberate it.
It was established in 1964,  the "occupation" was 3 years later
In short: the legend that the poor Palestinians miss returning to the borders that existed until 1967 is also a lie!

D. When our ancestor Abraham immigrated to Canaan from Or Kasdim, the "Palestinians" had not yet dreamed of being born.
When King Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem, the Muslims had not yet dreamed of being born.
The land of Canaan belongs to the Jews according to the belief of more than half of humanity
Anyone who has not yet read the world-famous bestseller - recommended.
One can also enjoy archaeological evidences proving who owns the house.
No matter how you look at it: Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jews!

E. In 1947 in Resolution 181 the UN divided Palestine between Jews and Arabs.
The Arab world did not take notice of the UN, spat on the partition resolution, and stood upon us to kill us all
From this moment on, the decision is void. it can be used for wipes.
Are you sure the Arabs deserve a reward for urinating on the UN resolution?
Anyway, once they got up to destroy us, they lost all their rights!!!
Including their right to exist. From now on it is our right to destroy them

The solution to the conflict is very simple:
Since the Arab world is responsible for all Israel's wars and their implications,
The Arab world will compensate Israel a trillion dollars.
For all his efforts to destroy Israel, and for the massacre and expulsion of Arab Jews.
And will solve the Palestinian problem in its territory. No need to thank.

Bottom line: Israel does not owe the Palestinians anything
The only thing we owe to the Palestinians is to give them the great right to thank us
from the bottom of their hearts for not doing to them what they wanted to do to us!
Thanks for asking.
In Arabic

Second question
Why do you commit genocide and apartheid?

For the same reason we produce from the blood of the Palestinians matzoh for Hanukkah...
In psychoanalysis there is a defense mechanism called projection: People think others are like them.
No! Western culture is not a culture of atrocities. Apartheid and massacre are not in our cultural DNA.

Throughout the Arab world, Arabs treat Palestinians / Israeli Arabs as an inferior race.
In Israel, Israeli Arabs enjoy the best life than in the entire Arab world.
They enjoy full equality before the law, as well as democracy (which Billion of Arabs can't really make).

Exciting how much they love the country.
Grumble and whine about not being pampered with enough billions,
and that democracy is not quality enough for the finesse of their taste, they know.
But to emigrate from here, never!

The Arabs of the territories enjoy a parasitic life by contributions from the world.
They can be called "occupation parasites." They got used to being parasites.
Without the occupation they collapse. The only thing that allows them to exist is contributions.
They are unable to take care of themselves, they only know how to howl, scream and murder.

As long as they do not slaughter us / incite to slaughter us, let them do what they want.
That's not our business. We are not their mother, nor their grandmother, nor their super nanny...
Surprise: they are not retarded children, and we are not their guardian!
Thanks for asking.

Third question
Why is your response disproportionate and allways much more Arabs are killed?

A. First, Israel apologies from the bottom of its heart for knowing how to protect its citizens,
and assures all anti-Semites that in the next war, as compensation, many more Jews will die...

B. We are definitely fighting proportionality!
Measure is the force required to protect the state and its citizens in the best, most determined and rapid way,
and to take out the enemy's desire to mess with us, so that we do not return to endless rounds of wars.

C. The enemy wants war! With the most powerful power in the Middle East! What does he think he'll get?
A certificate of appreciation? He gets exactly what he wanted.
When he does not want war, he gets cooperation.

D. The only way to reduce the suffering of war to zero is to prevent it.
Once started, the full responsibility for all its consequences is on whoever opened it, made it and wants it.

E. If you thought the enemy would get a discount because we are stronger, forget it.
War is not a game. A war against civilians is a crime! To be resolutely handled so that it is completed as soon as possible.

F. Maybe you tell me yourself how Biden would have reacted if Washington had been under attack by rockets and missiles...
Or how would Churchill have reacted had London been under attack?

G. Excuse me, but who even determined that a proportionate response was needed? The leftists?
When someone will rape your daughter and murder your son - demand that the victims respond proportionately.
You will send one policeman to one criminal, and one soldier for every enemy soldier...

H. When was the last time you lived between sirens?
How many hours / days / weeks / months / years do you have the patience to live under the terror of a missile that could fall on you at any moment?
When you are afraid to go to the bathroom or shower so that the alarm does not catch you.
Not to mention going shopping or to work, and your kids screaming at any sound reminiscent of an alarm?
When you are in this situation tell us about your proportional response...
Until then ... thanks for asking.

Fourth question
Why do you commit war crimes by smashing residential buildings and killing civilians and children?

A. Because our enemy is very cruel and cunning.
He likes to add guilt to crime: also launching missiles at our citizens,
And also to hide among his civilian population in order to use them as cannon fodder and as human shields.

B. Because there is no choice.
In a "civil war" in which the enemy launches missiles at civilians while hiding among civilians there can be no other option.
You can make a bet before any war that there will be a lot of civilian casualties, and make a lot of money,
with the "amazing" result being that you are always right

And this is exactly the hypocrisy of the "human rights" organizations in quotation marks:
They are patiently waiting for a line of dead people,
Then they start screaming: murderers...

In any case, due to the great efforts of the IDF, even in huge bombings, the number of civilian casualties is relatively small
Any other army in our place would have caused far more casualties

C. Each side must separate civilians from a fighting force!
The party that does not do this - the full responsibility for all the consequences on him
Unfortunately, international law is antisemitic! and therefore only enforced on Jews
In practice Hamas commits crimes against humanity because international law does not enforced on him

D. absurdly Israel has an interest in minimizing harm to civilians.
The enemy has exactly the opposite interest.
Yet the whole herd of puppets comes with claims only to the only democracy in the Middle East.

E. In addition keep in mind that they are champions of lies and manipulations.
There are cases where they themselves accidentally kill their citizens, and then they use it for propoganda.
For example   Another example

F. You tell me: why we did not launch thousands of missiles indiscriminately at their population?
You're right, this is not our cup of tea, and there's no way we'll do it.
But the discussion is principled and philosophical.
Humanity enforces asymmetrical playing conditions! The question is simple: why?
If only one side is allowed to commit war crimes, then why should we not be that side?
And they will be moral? You want to answer?

G. There is a point that no intelligent in our time can think of: doubting / questioning our values!
Is it really appropriate to ban the harm to innocent people?

At first glance this sounds trivial.
But you do not have to be a genius to understand the results:

Terrorism has become a hit, civilians serving as cannon fodder and human defenders,
the home front has become a front, wars are undecided and the rounds are getting tougher.
The bottom line is that the exact opposite is achieved: many more civilians are killed!

The international community deals with the rape of its values on humanity (without the ability to doubt them).
The result is the neutering of the security forces of the west, and exciting the East.

In any case, the value is enforced only on the one who is trying to avoid it anyway, and not on the one who should be enforced.
Absurdity about absurdity about absurdity about absurdity. And are unable to sober up from conception.

Now listen, and listen to me well:
In the next war, there will be hundreds of thousands of Arab civilians killed!!!!!!
There will be rain here of hundreds of precision giant missiles every hour from all sides. The country will crash
The IDF will have to destroy every launcher immediately, there will be no second to think
We all know that the enemy hides its launchers among civilians
The writing is on the wall. No one to be surprised. Everything is already known today!
Thanks for asking.

Fifth question
Why the value "Jewish state" is more important than the value "democratic state"?


A. Because this state was established by Jews who chose democracy as a method,
Not by Democrats who chose Jews as population.

Note: When the League of Nations granted Greater Palestine including Jordan to the Jews
and the rest for the Arabs, they did not condition it on democracy.
The Jews chose democracy as a method for their country, the Arabs did not.

B. Because if it was the other way around, once there is a critical mass of leftists and Arabs
We will have to throw in the trash all the tens of thousands of soldiers who were killed on its establishment
and serve our country on a silver tray to the enemy... would you do that?


1929 Palestine riots
Long before the fake news on the alleged liberation of Palestine, In 1929
The Arabs of Hebron carried out a horrific massacre of their Jewish neighbors that both the Nazis and ISIS could certainly have educated from.
The naive Jews refused a reinforcement offer because they did not imagine that their kind neighbors would harm them
What is the excuse for this horror? What occupation this time?
What? I didn't hear you're answer. Did you swallow your tongue again?...

How would the world have reacted if Herzl had been a certified SS officer
who planned with his close friend Hitler how to gas the Arabs?
Palestinian Supreme Leader with a friend: If you kill, this is not a legend
Amin al-Husseini and a friend

Crime and Punishment
Already in the War of Independence (1948) and also in the Six Day War (1967) we were infected with an unconquerable desire for moral superiority.
If we were fighting as usual in time and place, that is, in moral equality, that is, we would do to the Arabs what they planned to do to us,
well, we would have raped and slaughtered everyone.
Factually if we were to do this - we would have been in heaven today. Close youre eyes...
Imagine: no Gaza, no territories, no terrorists,  no missiles, no Israeli Arabs, no Palestinias, no leftists, a real paradise!

Even if we were content with mild to moderate moral superiority, that is, expelling everyone from here,
Even then the country would look exactly the same: Just heaven on earth.

To be honest, it was good for them too - Win Win.
They would quickly adapt to the countries of the world and the Palestinian problem would not have been born at all

But we were human. We expressed chivalry of conductors.
We called on them to stop running away, to come back and build a life together
They recovered very quickly, and since then they have had a hard time stopping stabbing us in the back literally

On the sin of humanity - we received a punishment that Satan himself could not have created:
we will continue to bury our children until we are destroyed
This is the sin, and this is its punishment

The real tragedy of our "moral superiority" dwarfs all imaginary Greek tragedies!
Never before has there been such a terrible punishment for such a wonderful sin!!
In exchange for humanity we are receiving extermination process!!!
The toilet values of the left continue to prepare for us the second Holocaust.
The value of "moral superiority" is not only racist and fecal, it is also catastrophic.

2021 Palestine riots
Apart from the moral that the values of the left belong to the trash
They are a huge warning sign, not to mention a deafening siren alarm
That in the next war, when the IDF will chase after launchers under a hail of thousands of precision giant missiles
Every Jew who does not have a weapon will receive home visits from the "loyal citizens of the sector"
They will take care to rape and slaughter him and his family, as they did in 1929.

If we do not learn the lessons of the First Holocaust and the riots of 1929 and 2021 we will reach a Second Holocaust!
There is no need to insist on being blind. One must not really worship the values of the left. It is permissible to doubt them.
Do not say I did not warn!!!!!

The last words of the leftists will be: But Ahmad ...

Coexistence collapsed
Coexistence / multiculturalism is collapsing!
Not only in Europe and USA...

Australian Prime Minister: Danger of flooding Muslims

We did not do the mental calculation of Oslo, so here the left brings us the catastrophe of coexistence.
Coexistence collapses before our eyes and no one has the courage to look at reality.
The toilet values of the left are unfortunately worth to be pushed up the... 

اسمعوا ماذا يريدون بأفواههم دون رتوش
The REAL History of Israel
The parasitesteens

You know whats sad?
That in Syria millions of Muslims have been murdered by their leader and you still ignore them.
That in Yemen millions are about to starve to death and you still ignore them.
That in Mynamar they've been murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims and you still ignore them.
That in China they put millions of Muslims in concentration camps and you still ignore them.
The hypocracy of Extreme Muslims and their supporters

Sky News Australia video
Most moral army
'You can't trust' mainstream media to report fairly on this 'war against Israel': Bolt
The left is a broken moral compass
He is wrong. it is Arab / Muslim culture
Extreme right?
Bill Maher

And most important love and respect to women
She continues. She is amazing
Third and last part of  gorgeous @RealSarahIdan

Allah hu Akbar

educated boys
educated girls

silly Americans donate for massacre

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